Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to get here from there

There are a lot of things I haven't done (or don't remember doing) with this blog that seem almost like required blogging activities. One of those things is selected Google searches. Make of them what you will:

-susan storms old

-make it to bat foom funny moves

-song in fantastic four when johnny is teazing ben

-medusa in black bolt in silence of the heart

-comics food exercise

-manhunter dc bed men

And my favorite:

-funny photo of guy wearing underpants in front of computer monitor

I'm sure they found what they were looking for somewhere..

Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh! That's right! I have a blog!

So I don't know what happened to May. (May the month, not May Parker, though I don't know what happened to her, either. Is she dead? Or what?) June, at least, I know what's going on. I am shooting myself repeatedly in the foot. Intro to Organic Chem is not a wise thing to be taking at an accelerated pace. So really, that's my excuse for June. And July. Just not May.

I've been reading comics, just not writing about them. But I'll be all topical and touch on a few, at least. For instance, Painkiller Jane #1. Now, that had me worried that, deep down, I was actually homophobic. I really could have done without that beach scene where the seemingly random woman propositions Jane, and Jane decides to go with it. There is something very dirty about that, and the status of the beach (nude) doesn't exactly help matters. It's really too bad. Painkiller Jane could have been fun, but... No. Not worth it.

But I actually feel better about my discomfort about Jane now, because I have lately seen Rent (the movie), which is surprisingly addictive. I am perfectly okay with the couples of Rent. Maureen and Joanne, for example are a fun, dysfunctional pair. The straight-laced lawyer and the drama queen, oh yes. Entertaining! And not generally dirty. And then there are Collins and Angel! They make an adorable couple. I am a bit confused about them, though, inasmuch as Collins is gay, and Angel... Well, Angel is a gay transvestite who identifies as a woman. It's very confusing. But Angel and Collins seem to have it figured out and are clearly, happily in love and that's really all that matters.

So I'm not homophobic. I just didn't care for Painkiller Jane. Thank you, Rent.

I am comfortable reading about greenness. Not sure why. I guess I just really like the color.

Let's see. World War Hulk. I am on still that bandwagon in spite of (or because of?) Stark's new suit, which is something out of a Project Grizzly anime. Senseless violence can be fun, but I do feel bad for Black Bolt. He has not been having a good time of it, between this Hulk thing and Silent War.

I am still enjoying She-Hulk, which seems to be getting back to the firm lately, which will be cool while it lasts. (Three more issues.) Then Peter David will take over and it will be a different kind of cool.

Hulk and Power Pack may or may not be worth giving to my younger cousin as a gift. I'll know once I've decided how I feel about the third and fourth issues, which bug me as far as continuity goes. And more importantly, they aren't quite as fun as the first two. Hulked-out Katie Power is entertaining, though. And She-Hulk makes an appearance, only to be depowered. Temporarily, but still, it's kind of her major running theme.

Getting away from the gamma... Well, okay, I did read Green Lantern Corps #12. Because I can't keep my word when it comes to stuff like that, especially if there is a cool insectoid character involved and Kalinara has convinced me to join a role-playing game that I don't actually have the time or the background for but that I joined anyway. Whew.

And I can't forget Wicked. It's not a comic book, of course, but the lead character? Green. (It's an important plot point.)

Well, I should cut this off here. I have studying to do for, you know, chemistry. My foot hurts...