Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thoughts on 28 March, 2007

(Yes, I do have thoughts once in a while. They are not necessarily original, but they are there. This format is not original, either. Everybody does this sooner or later. I am a sheep and that's nothing to be ashamed of! I hope.)

Anyway... Six comics this week, taking place in a total of four universes.

Blue Beetle #13

-This issue would make a great jumping-on point for people.

-Two pencillers. I didn't notice until I really read the credits. Actually, I didn't actually notice afterwards.

-Is the Justice League really cool with evil money-worshiping aliens? (The Justice League has a Green Lantern, right?) Is The Reach really, as Jaime says, that smooth?

-In what issue of Black Panther does Ororo beat up on Clor? I want to see that.

-T'Challa intimidates Tony Stark. Very nice. The Batman Effect is alive and well.

-Is this the first time capes have been worn in the Fantastic Four? Just wondering.

Silent War #3

-So Pietro is a completely irredeemably evil creep. Sad.

-Speaking of, I'm having trouble getting my head around Pietro's time travel methods. For some reason, longer jumps are easier to grasp.

-Note to self: Read X-Factor some day. Layla Miller is interesting. She's creepy in her own special way (and looks even creepier through Luna's eyes), but she lacks the evil. Maybe.

-Is madness infectious?

-I actually like the cover this month. Definitely an improvement over the past few.

-If any characters ultimately survive this title, I will be shocked.

-This title's sole non-creepy characters are actually police. One detective in particular gives Jessica some perspective: A job doesn't have to be or define a person. Sometimes, when a job is ugly, a person can dissociate themselves from it. Jessica, unfortunately, has been letting the serpent define her. Does she realize this? Would it be better if she doesn't?

-If Raj is really one of the Faithful, he has to be one of the smartest. He does not wear the seal that triggers Jessica's transformation. (The seal is the trigger, Jessica is the gun, and the Snake Woman is a bullet that has yet to miss.)

-What the heck is Harker eating that's alive? Do we really want to know? Ew.

-Switching between Scott Kolins and Mark Brooks every so many pages is slightly odd, but not too disorienting.

-There's a four-page ad for the 616 Fantastic Four. This sort of ad is always annoying, but at least this one is logically placed.

-Correct me if I'm wrong, but Ultimate Diablo could probably kick 616 Diablo's arse. Or would, you know, if they met. Regular Diablo needs potions. Ultimate Diablo has a magical eye, a better costume, and disturbing control over the classical elements. Both versions are tied when it comes to the 'stache.

-If your group wears colorful costumes, have strange abilities and otherwise looks outlandish, disguise your operation as a traveling circus. It might work for a few minutes. Just don't expect to enjoy it:

Wonder Woman #6

-A super-hero theme park. In context, that's just odd. (Also, green popcorn looks unappetizing.)

-The Super Real characters could totally take Maxi-Man.

-How long, exactly, has Diana been participating in human society? Does she really not get turnstiles?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hulk and Power Pack

Some team-ups just seem completely natural, and Hulk and Power Pack is one of them. Assuming Banner sticks with transforming into the childlike savage Hulk, and not Mr. Fixit, anyway.

In this first issue, he does. Hulk and Power Pack #1 is a bright and inviting cartoon, and was especially appealing in an otherwise dark post-Civil War week. Power Pack battles loser villains while cracking all the required Hulk jokes and making it clear that, yes, they are kids. Smart kids, sure, but Jack in particular is obsessed with his hand-held video game, a running gag from beginning to end.

As for Bruce, he's in surprisingly good spirits. Why not? He's off to meet up with James Power, do some sciency things, and his super-powered colleagues aren't actively shooting him off into space. Live is pretty good, considering, but naturally the Hulk puts in an appearance too, and gets to smash a not-so-loser villain of his own.

The whole thing, being a kids' book, is fun and lacks in any real Hulk-related angst. Between that, and the bonus Mini Marvels story... If this ends up in Digest format, it'll make a great gift for one of my younger cousins.