Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hulk and Power Pack

Some team-ups just seem completely natural, and Hulk and Power Pack is one of them. Assuming Banner sticks with transforming into the childlike savage Hulk, and not Mr. Fixit, anyway.

In this first issue, he does. Hulk and Power Pack #1 is a bright and inviting cartoon, and was especially appealing in an otherwise dark post-Civil War week. Power Pack battles loser villains while cracking all the required Hulk jokes and making it clear that, yes, they are kids. Smart kids, sure, but Jack in particular is obsessed with his hand-held video game, a running gag from beginning to end.

As for Bruce, he's in surprisingly good spirits. Why not? He's off to meet up with James Power, do some sciency things, and his super-powered colleagues aren't actively shooting him off into space. Live is pretty good, considering, but naturally the Hulk puts in an appearance too, and gets to smash a not-so-loser villain of his own.

The whole thing, being a kids' book, is fun and lacks in any real Hulk-related angst. Between that, and the bonus Mini Marvels story... If this ends up in Digest format, it'll make a great gift for one of my younger cousins.


Anonymous said...

Why does it have to go to your "younger cousins" and not in your collection?
You gave it a desent review.

Canton said...

Hey, I'm keeping a copy for myself. But the cousin I am trying to get hooked on American comics will totally get a copy of the series in digest format. Anyway, why would I pass on something I didn't like? :)