Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday Night Twee #5

This week's twee, because I am feeling festive, comes from the Marvel Holiday Special of 2006:

Oh, yeah, and this is going out to Mallet.

Namor will never live it down, but the Moloids will cherish the memories.

And so will Reed.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Night Twee #4

The word "twee" does not always involve or imply romance, but it certainly can. Runaways #28 gives us the sight of a charming young lass and a dashing android boy literally dancing on air.

This is certainly a star-crossed little romance on many levels, not the least of which is the fact that relationships between androids and super-powered women do not tend to end well. Although, to be fair, Victor and Lillie seem more well-adjusted than Vision and Wanda...

Oh, whatever. Best not to overthink.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Radio Dial

I really need to get reacquainted with a few of my local radio stations. Well, not the country station. That one hasn't changed in forever, and I don't care much for country music anyway. The rock station will no doubt stick with its usual annoying metal, and the public stations will also stay true to their mission. But the others? Not so much.

One of them used to be an oldies format, but it switched to R&B/Hip-Hop for a while, and now it seems to be a Top 40 of some sort. I think that's where I first came across Colbie Caillait's "Bubbly." (Damn that song. Generally speaking, I enjoy cuteness, but I have a lower threshold for it when it comes to music. Sometimes its better if the twee does not get stuck in your head.)

And then there's the station that used to be Top 40, back when I was in middle school or maybe early high school and came to the realization that sometimes pop music can be good. I used to listen to the Billboard Countdown on weekends, keeping track of the latest Sophie B. Hawkins single ("As I Lay Me Down" is still and will always be a great song.) or whatever for some reason, until most of the music on the list started sounding the same and sleeping in became more important than listening to Casey Kasem. That didn't take long. The station changed formats, and now plays... Top 40. Sort of. It's the same music I listened to back when, plus current stuff like "Bubbly" plus Queen. And Mellencamp. Can't forget him, not when said station played "Cherry Bomb" today, which I hadn't heard in I don't know how long.

Hrm. Oh, yes, and we can't forget the station that used to be classic rock, which was virtually identical to another area classic rock station. Seriously, I couldn't tell them apart. Now, of course, I can, as one of them is now some sort of Adult Easy Listening station, the kind they pump out into doctors' waiting rooms. I first realized it had changed formats when my dad flipped to its frequency and it was playing a romantic duet from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Not classic rock anymore! Which is sad.

I'm not sure what else there is to be found. Probably plenty. What am I missing...?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Night Twee #3

We have already discovered that everyone's favorite Amazon Princess is great with animals. Now we know she's also talented with Animals. This week's twee therefore comes from last week's Wonder Woman #14, in which Diana takes on some interesting houseguests:

Interesting, insightful houseguests who are good at hiding, playing chess and...

...drinking beer.

I like those gorillas.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Night Twee #2

This week's twee comes from last week's All New Atom #17.

Yes, the dog is adorable. Put an adorable fluffy animal in the arms of a princess (even an Amazon princess in disguise), and you get... well, duh, you get twee.

Head is not a cute fluffy animal, but Diana seems to have him tamed as well. Because she is a princess and can do that. It's like Disney in Ivy Town:

Come to think of it, there probably is a wormhole to the Disneyverse in Ivy Town, though it's no doubt heavily guarded by hoards of copyright lawyers and whatnot...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday Night Twee

So many people do these weekly things. Friday Night Fights, Thursday Night Thinking... That's all fun, but I think twee needs a day, too. And Tuesday is appropriately alliterative. Hence Tuesday Night* Twee.

I have no idea how long I'll be able to keep this up, but it does not take much thought, finding things that are excessively cute, yet somehow not nauseating. Once you know what you're looking for, that is.

This, for example, is twee:

At least, I think it is. This is all very subjective.

Anyway, this first Tuesday Night Twee was brought to you by Mythos: Fantastic Four.

*I am not technically posting this at night, but it's always nighttime somewhere...

Friday, September 21, 2007

On 19 September, 2007

It's 11:30 on Friday night, and I am very tired, and do not feel like doing things that are more important such as class work, so it's comics blogging time!


This past week, I read Avengers books, including (and limited to)...

...Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #16, in which there is Hawkeye, true to form! Everybody thinks he's a criminal at first, but then he proves them all wrong. He also flirts with Storm and Giant-Girl, with skill that actually comes in handy.

...Avengers Classic #4, in which Captain America joins the Avengers! I like seeing the reprints in brightly colored Kirby glory, but I'm also in this for the back-up stories. And this one, naturally, focuses on Cap, and his reintroduction to life. There is a little fighting, but it is mostly just bittersweet.

...a bunch of story bites contained in...

...Marvel Comics Presents #1, in which there is a cockamamie Spider-Man story that I won't try to describe, though it is amusing; a fluffy Ben Grimm and Alicia vignette; the beginning of the Immonens' Hellcat tale; and two other Chapter Ones that are lost on me. I do not see myself following this title religiously. Will they collect the Hellcat story when it is finished, I wonder?

...Jungle Girl #0, which is all about a buxom, scantily clad woman who hunts giant aquatic beasties for a living. In other words, it's about what you might expect based on the cover. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is simply what it is. Which is not my cup of tea.

...and a triple helping of Hulk, including...

...World War Hulk #4, World War Hulk: Front Line #4, and Gamma Corps #3, in which there is a lot of smashing. Most of the smashing occurs in the main title (the Illuminati are compelled to smash each other and in front of a crowd of eager onlookers. It is naturally a disturbing, mostly-'splosion issue. Gamma Corps has somewhat less smashing. About half of it is the tragic story of Ryker and his wife (in flashback), and the rest is the Corps versus the Hulk.

Front Line, because it is Front Line, provides the reporters' perspective on war, and gives us some insight into Sally Floyd's family life. The backup stories are more fun (as usual.) "Costume Division: Death of an Android" continues, the murder investigation progresses, and Korg becomes my favorite Warbound alien. Finally, an extremely goofy "What If?" story. But the highlight of Front Line?

World War Hulk:  Front Line #4It's Earl! Don't go in there, Earl! You risk seriously bad karma points!

And... that was my comics week. Yes indeed...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On 12 September, 2007


So, yes, I am trying once again to keep up this blog. And I apparently get bored writing review-like posts the same way week after week. How do people do that? Last week I was full of thanks. This week -- well, I'm thankful this week, too (I'm always thankful for comic books) -- but this week...

Well, this past week, I read...

...Gen13 #12, in which we learn all about Percival Edmund Chang. Once upon a time, little Percy was a hard-working uber-genius who spoke formally, wore a sailor suit and got himself beat up a lot. Tired of that, he remade himself into Eddie, a slacking uber-genius who talks casual, avoids clothing wherever possible and gets himself beat up a lot. He also absorbs abilities and shows us that Fairchild's super-strength may be somehow connected to her breasts which begs the question: If she were to choose to undergo reduction surgery for whatever reason, would that be like Samson getting his hair trimmed? Anyway, this is always a fun book! It is! (Hopefully, next month there will be an adventure in outer space. There's no way we've seen the last of Doc Tomorrow in this title.) Now say hello to little Percy!

Gen13 #12
...Welcome to Tranquility #10, in which Tommy consults with Salabal the Jungle Princess who bakes hallucinogenic cookies and takes Tommy on an astral journey, where we learn that the Fountains of Youth are made possible by an evil television dance show host and that there is a key to defeating the zombies (who are still at large.) There is also a backup story in which we learn that the Liberty Snots used to be very like a super-powered Scooby Gang, complete with a cowardly dog whose current whereabouts are unknown. I think. The story involves attacking scarecrows. (There are attack scarecrows in this month's Gen13, too. Go figure.)

...Wonder Girl #1, in which Cassandra Sandsmark fights stray mythical monsters (remnants of that whole "Amazons Attack" thing); the stigma of being an Amazon (see previous parenthetical); and potential romance with Robin in a highly enjoyable, bright, animated style. All this, and a Save the Hydras protest to boot!

Wonder Girl #1
...Fantastic Five #5, in which an extra-mutated Franklin Richards leads his team to Doomstadt for a daring rescue attempt, most everybody gets to blow up a Doombot or three, Lyja gets to be armor, and Reed gets to have some sort of extreme mental showdown with Dr. Doom. This has been an entertaining mini-series, and I do hope there will be a sequel.

Fantastic Five #5
And that was my comics week of September the 12th!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thank Yous

Thank you...

... Dan Slott and Ty Templeton for wrapping up your run on She-Hulk with a sweet goofy story that ties up loose ends without feeling rushed; for redeeming Mallory Book; and for nearly making me cry with awwww. (It is not mean-spirited either, so Kalinara might like it!)

... Rick Burchett, Cliff Rathburn, Andy Troy and Dave Sharpe for stuff like this:

from She-Hulk Vol. 2 #21
... Gail Simone for Head; Panda; for not making me buy Countdown even though The All New Atom #15 is technically a tie-in; and also, Head.

... Fred Van Lente and Gurihiru for a colorful romp in Latveria; Doombots on spoked wheels; and convenient penpals.

... Brian Reed for writing Aaron Stack after Warren Ellis.

... Warren Ellis for Aaron Stack as we know him today.

... Greg Pak for balance between verbal sparring and general smashing; and Greg, Carlo Pagulayan, Jeffrey Huet, Chris Sotomayor and Joe Caramagna for this:

from The Incredible Hulk #110
... Zeb Wells for the whole snake versus mongoose battle in Snakewoman: Tale of the Snake Charmer #3.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to get here from there

There are a lot of things I haven't done (or don't remember doing) with this blog that seem almost like required blogging activities. One of those things is selected Google searches. Make of them what you will:

-susan storms old

-make it to bat foom funny moves

-song in fantastic four when johnny is teazing ben

-medusa in black bolt in silence of the heart

-comics food exercise

-manhunter dc bed men

And my favorite:

-funny photo of guy wearing underpants in front of computer monitor

I'm sure they found what they were looking for somewhere..

Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh! That's right! I have a blog!

So I don't know what happened to May. (May the month, not May Parker, though I don't know what happened to her, either. Is she dead? Or what?) June, at least, I know what's going on. I am shooting myself repeatedly in the foot. Intro to Organic Chem is not a wise thing to be taking at an accelerated pace. So really, that's my excuse for June. And July. Just not May.

I've been reading comics, just not writing about them. But I'll be all topical and touch on a few, at least. For instance, Painkiller Jane #1. Now, that had me worried that, deep down, I was actually homophobic. I really could have done without that beach scene where the seemingly random woman propositions Jane, and Jane decides to go with it. There is something very dirty about that, and the status of the beach (nude) doesn't exactly help matters. It's really too bad. Painkiller Jane could have been fun, but... No. Not worth it.

But I actually feel better about my discomfort about Jane now, because I have lately seen Rent (the movie), which is surprisingly addictive. I am perfectly okay with the couples of Rent. Maureen and Joanne, for example are a fun, dysfunctional pair. The straight-laced lawyer and the drama queen, oh yes. Entertaining! And not generally dirty. And then there are Collins and Angel! They make an adorable couple. I am a bit confused about them, though, inasmuch as Collins is gay, and Angel... Well, Angel is a gay transvestite who identifies as a woman. It's very confusing. But Angel and Collins seem to have it figured out and are clearly, happily in love and that's really all that matters.

So I'm not homophobic. I just didn't care for Painkiller Jane. Thank you, Rent.

I am comfortable reading about greenness. Not sure why. I guess I just really like the color.

Let's see. World War Hulk. I am on still that bandwagon in spite of (or because of?) Stark's new suit, which is something out of a Project Grizzly anime. Senseless violence can be fun, but I do feel bad for Black Bolt. He has not been having a good time of it, between this Hulk thing and Silent War.

I am still enjoying She-Hulk, which seems to be getting back to the firm lately, which will be cool while it lasts. (Three more issues.) Then Peter David will take over and it will be a different kind of cool.

Hulk and Power Pack may or may not be worth giving to my younger cousin as a gift. I'll know once I've decided how I feel about the third and fourth issues, which bug me as far as continuity goes. And more importantly, they aren't quite as fun as the first two. Hulked-out Katie Power is entertaining, though. And She-Hulk makes an appearance, only to be depowered. Temporarily, but still, it's kind of her major running theme.

Getting away from the gamma... Well, okay, I did read Green Lantern Corps #12. Because I can't keep my word when it comes to stuff like that, especially if there is a cool insectoid character involved and Kalinara has convinced me to join a role-playing game that I don't actually have the time or the background for but that I joined anyway. Whew.

And I can't forget Wicked. It's not a comic book, of course, but the lead character? Green. (It's an important plot point.)

Well, I should cut this off here. I have studying to do for, you know, chemistry. My foot hurts...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007

Thoughts on 25 April, 2007

Spoiler warning! Just in case, you know?

I picked up seven titles this week, taking place in a total of four universes. One of which is our very own universe! (It still involves super-heroes, though. Go figure.)

-Is it me, or are the Amazons here as irrational as those in Y: The Last Man? No attempt at diplomacy at all? No warnings? Just... land and start beheading fathers in front of their sons? Aren't these women supposed to be civilized? Good grief.

-Wonder Woman is not going to like this, is she?

Blue Beetle #14

-The supporting cast member of the week is Jaime's mom:

-Guy Gardner is a pretty cool guy, so long as he's not trying to kill you.

-Yay for flightful harmful penguins! With glowing red eyes!

-Only a couple pages of Reed and Sue, but they're just enough to make you think the two might actually mend things. They've had a major disagreement, but they are mature adults who can handle it.

-Who's watching the kids? Reed and Sue are honeymooning, the active team is in space, Crystal's occupied with a major Inhuman crisis (see Silent War), and Jen is otherwise occupied with S.H.I.E.L.D. So who does that leave? H.E.R.B.I.E.?

-Life support bracelets! Precursors to the PEG units in Fantastic Four: The End?

-Ororo has had experience with cosmic stuff before. Not sure about T'Challa. They're both a little overconfident in dealing with the Silver Surfer though, I think...

-So the Inhumans are awful. That's not a good way to treat the mentally ill.

-Maria Hill is also awful, but we already knew that.

-Black Bolt can write after all. He just generally chooses not to.

-Yeah, right, Jessica, like prison would keep you safe. Interesting idea, though.

-There's a month missing. What happened then? (And how is Jessica not in prison, given what her detective friend knows about her?)

-And it turns out that Raj is... Raj is.... Well...


The Faithful characterize Jessica as "afflicted," and Harker is becoming slightly sympathetic. (He wants the cycle of violence to end, after all.) These people are twisted, and do want Jessica to die (though Harker wants everyone else to die first), but they're at least about survival. Jessica is about survival. Well, that and revenge. She has trouble controlling that. And Justin, who really is the only sane (maybe) character left at this point, doesn't seem too bothered by what Jessica is capable of... And Raj is just plain evil.

True Story, Swear To God #5

-Tom Beland's take on Spider-Man is freaking adorable. Also, Iron Man and Cap at a hot dog stand. Hee! Ahh, the fantasies associated with NYC...

-And the scene with Letterman? Nice.

-I'm still trying to decipher Circe's line of reasoning here, but I expect that there really isn't one. Just evil, evil magic.

-Nemesis suddenly seems competent. Except for not seeing through Diana's super-thin disguise. That's traditional though, right?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

No Lanterns, but...

Will a Torch do? (Insert your favorite heat-based euphemism here, if you feel so inclined...)

Many happy returns, Ragnell!

(Panel scan from Fantastic Four: The Wedding Special.)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thoughts on 18 April, 2007

Only four titles this week, taking place in three universes.

-Cityscapes and landscapes, 'scapes with both land and city... They are all beautiful in this book.

-Something that is better than caffeine: The sudden manifestation of flight capabilities.

-Paul's visit with his son is heartwarming without being sappy, probably because it's also hilarious.

-Actually, the whole book is funny, in an honest, non-snarky way.

-Batman probably does have a Bat Snowblower back in the Batcave. Right next to the Bat Lawn Tractor and the Bat Weed Wacker.

-Acting to save Lobo's life isn't enough to buy his services. Wow. Now that's being a jerk.

-What can I say? Wanted to finish reading this arc, whether or not I read the next one. Also, the cover is sweet.

-Wonder Woman in a Hummer is a good example of good driving evil.

Mighty Avengers #2

-Why does Jan ever have dragonfly wings? I don't understand.

-Bizarre three-way battle. A villain who is sometimes kind of sympathetic versus a twisted villain who is never sympathetic versus a group of heroes who may all be insane... (Should I be rooting for Mole Man here?) Wow.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thoughts on 11 April, 2007

This week, I read seven titles in about four universes. Or maybe five. I'm not sure about Spider-Man/Fantastic Four. Usual warning about spoilers applies.

-Goofy stand-alone issue involving a scantily-clad Caitlin and dinosaurs. The cover does not lie.

-Caitlin: 1, Smilodon: 0. There's no way raw saber-toothed tiger pelt is sanitary, but if you're stuck in a tropical setting and your current outfit is too warm, you make do, I guess... oO

-I'm not a big fan of game ranches, so the ending made me happy.

-Speaking of happy yet grim endings, Evil Nature-Battling Wetland Hating People: 0, Man-Thing: 1. Yes!

-There is not much to say about Loners. It turns out that I really don't care about any of these people save Julie Power, if only she weren't all (sort of) grown up and Blonde. She's like Susan Pevensie or something.

-Native American shaman. Vision quest complete with a feather, a campfire, and a hawk. Casino. There are so many ways this set-up could have gone wrong, or maybe it does, but at least Emmett Proudhawk is all mysterious in more ways than one.

-The government is awfully quick to dispatch nuclear weapons at newly-minted superhero types. So if you ever develop superpowers, be sure to build a really good bunker before you do anything else.

-Line that annoys me now because I feel like I see it everywhere: "Way ahead of you." It's not just Dan Slott, but it does occur twice in this issue. Egad, stop it! Seriously. It's right up there with "Go limp..." *sigh*

-For some reason I thought Jen had standards. Where did they go? *double sigh*

-I want to hear Rick Jones' "Hulkbusters" song.

-Mal actually defends people she believes are bad and/or evil [insert expletive noun here]. Good grief. As of last issue I was actually feeling some sympathy for the woman. Not so much anymore. Great bar scene, though.

-Impossible Man can be fun in small doses. Overdoses have side-effects of annoying. Which is probably the point. Actually, he kind of reminds me of Jim Carrey. You know. Guy with an extremely flexible face who is much easier to take in slightly serious roles.

-Very nice prank on Ben's part. Not to be performed on somebody who can't fly, though.

Wonder Woman #7

-Well, that was an angsty yet anti-climactic rescue.

-Does Nemesis actually get treated for fleas, or is the bottle just sitting there?

-I like the Villains and Vixens Bar concept. Especially in contrast with "The Bar With No Name" (see She-Hulk #17). Not sure which is better. The bar with loser villains or the bar with losers who want to be villains?

Monday, April 09, 2007

How many roads can a girl walk down...?

(Warning... Not quite logical something-or-other ahead.)

So I guess the DC Universe really isn't bad. There are some characters I can't seem to get excited about, sure. Green Arrow. The Hawks. Catwoman. Superman is likable enough, though, and so is Robin. Manhunter, too.

I look forward to reading Blue Beetle and The All-New Atom every month and, because I am clueless, I do want to see where Wonder Woman goes. (If I somehow gain a clue and realize that my instincts aren't untrustworthy and the book is actually as bad as so many people say it is right now, then I'll drop it in favor of another Fantastic Four title.) Manhunter, I should probably just read in trades. Yes, I know that's a sacrilege, but I'm not following the subplots, which make up maybe half the book. I need to start at the beginning. Trade sales are good, right? ...


I'm a little scared about the Green Lanterns.

No, seriously, hear me out.

See, the Lanterns are involved in Blue Beetle, and they are also in The Brave and the Bold (which I am actually reading because of Jaime, not Kyle or Batman or whoever. That's not too weird, is it?) And the Lanterns... Well, it turns out that they're kind of fun. That's great and all, but I do not want to become a Green Lantern fan, not because being one is a bad thing (It's not a bad thing!), but because I just don't want to go down that road. Or further down than I've already gone, what with the three or four DC titles (not counting Wildstorm) I'm regularly reading right now. Reading good Lantern-related stories puts me at risk. (They are everywhere, those Lanterns.)

See, I read Fantastic Four stories for a grounded sort of cosmic-level adventure escapism. (And family. And humor. And because I just plain like it, but I digress.) Sue is quite a bit like a Green Lantern; she just doesn't need a magic ring from outer space to wield her force field powers. She doesn't fly nearly as well, but that's the price you pay, I guess. See? I'm reading about Green Lanterns already! They're just in a more familiar universe, wearing blue costumes that are tight but not, you know, that tight. Point is, I'm in a high-risk category, Lantern Fandomwise. And I have got to resist. Seriously.

There might be hope, though. DC has this Countdown Event coming up. If this makes DCU, as a whole, inaccessible to me, I might be in the clear. If Blue Beetle and Atom are too heavily involved in Countdown, I may have to drop them temporarily. Which is unfortunate, but it does kind of beat the alternative, which would no doubt be bad for my pocketbook. Which will already be suffering due to Marvel's next Event, which I am looking forward to because I do not learn. (Or maybe it's just that She-Hulk is involved, and there is the possibility that Hulk will smash Tony.)

But yeah. Standing on DCU Path, and in the unfamiliar darkness ahead a bright green will o' the wisp beckons. I do not want to go down that road.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thoughts on 4 April, 2007

Hmm. I do like this format. Less labor-intensive than writing actual coherent paragraphs, and the content is really about the same! There may be spoilers, so be warned.

Eight titles and five universes this week...

The All-New Atom #10

-The first few pages are a flashback (i.e., no zombies), and reminded me about how bad my memory is. This is not due to the story (which eventually I did remember from March), so much as the narration, which told me where I went wrong on my geography quiz last week.

-Ryan has an incredibly loving and thoughtful father. (Please don't kill him, Gail!) His panels and dialogue overshadow the flirting and zombie fights that make up the rest of the book. Others will disagree, inasmuch as there are zombies, but hey, bring it on. I'm still half sick of zombies after that Ultimate Fantastic Four story.

Avengers: The Initiative #1

-Happy accidents: "What God intended." Heh.

-So things in Iraq could be worse, if we had Hydra in real life and they set up shop in Baghdad. (What's a little Civil War aftermath story without a little politics, eh?)

-Why do Marvel civilians call their super-heroes "capes?" Honest question here.

-For a while there I thought Southpaw had adopted a new identity. Don't know why. Armory's energy is the wrong color. Still, her attitude kind of fits.

-Trauma really should listen to Gauntlet and change his name to Emo Boy. Much catchier. Yep. Also, while his power is disturbing, it has nothing on Robbie Baldwin's. It really doesn't.

-Poor Cloud 9.

Hulk and Power Pack #2 (of 4)

-Power Pack isn't limited to loser villains? Cool.

-Ad juxtaposition: On a left page, we see a well-adjusted (sort of) and cheerful Marvel Adventures Hulk preparing to put the smash-down on Zzzax. To the right of said page, we see an ad with an angry warbound 616 Hulk preparing to put the smash-down on Earth. Rainbows and fun versus fire and 'splosions. Interesting.

-From the "Mini Marvels" short, we learn that Devil Dinosaur makes a bad babysitter:

Edit: See Chris's Invincible Shopping List...

Incredible Hulk #105

-BOOM! Earth is so screwed... This is not a shock to anyone who has seen the ads (see above) of course, but still... Wow.

Ms. Marvel #14

-Carol feels guilt. A lot. Nothing new there.

-The Carpenter child custody hearing would be an interesting story in and of itself.

-AIM. DNA bomb. MODOK.

Painkiller Jane #0

-Skeevy tattoo parlors are a bad place to hang out unless you are an undercover cop with super healing powers. And even then...

Runaways #25

-Creepiest recap pages I've ever read.

-Joss Whedon really is a natural on this book. Characters on the wrong side of the law, trying to do good and stay alive all the same (not necessarily in that order). Dealing with unsavory crime bosses. Robberies gone terribly wrong, ending in explosions and possible death. A resident pilot who likes dinosaurs...

Um. Geez. He's written this before, hasn't he? There are aliens involved this time, though.

Welcome to Tranquility #5

-Is there a new mystery here, or has my memory failed me yet again? Something different about the water in Tranquility? Interesting...

-I like Mangacide's (I think that's her name) power. Not sure what it does, exactly, but lines like "Medi-shock horror image mirror!" are certainly welcome, even if (or maybe because) they sound like something out of Nextwave.

-Dr. Hate redeemed? There's something about an evil old skull-headed guy with a black eye and an IV looking contrite...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thoughts on 28 March, 2007

(Yes, I do have thoughts once in a while. They are not necessarily original, but they are there. This format is not original, either. Everybody does this sooner or later. I am a sheep and that's nothing to be ashamed of! I hope.)

Anyway... Six comics this week, taking place in a total of four universes.

Blue Beetle #13

-This issue would make a great jumping-on point for people.

-Two pencillers. I didn't notice until I really read the credits. Actually, I didn't actually notice afterwards.

-Is the Justice League really cool with evil money-worshiping aliens? (The Justice League has a Green Lantern, right?) Is The Reach really, as Jaime says, that smooth?

-In what issue of Black Panther does Ororo beat up on Clor? I want to see that.

-T'Challa intimidates Tony Stark. Very nice. The Batman Effect is alive and well.

-Is this the first time capes have been worn in the Fantastic Four? Just wondering.

Silent War #3

-So Pietro is a completely irredeemably evil creep. Sad.

-Speaking of, I'm having trouble getting my head around Pietro's time travel methods. For some reason, longer jumps are easier to grasp.

-Note to self: Read X-Factor some day. Layla Miller is interesting. She's creepy in her own special way (and looks even creepier through Luna's eyes), but she lacks the evil. Maybe.

-Is madness infectious?

-I actually like the cover this month. Definitely an improvement over the past few.

-If any characters ultimately survive this title, I will be shocked.

-This title's sole non-creepy characters are actually police. One detective in particular gives Jessica some perspective: A job doesn't have to be or define a person. Sometimes, when a job is ugly, a person can dissociate themselves from it. Jessica, unfortunately, has been letting the serpent define her. Does she realize this? Would it be better if she doesn't?

-If Raj is really one of the Faithful, he has to be one of the smartest. He does not wear the seal that triggers Jessica's transformation. (The seal is the trigger, Jessica is the gun, and the Snake Woman is a bullet that has yet to miss.)

-What the heck is Harker eating that's alive? Do we really want to know? Ew.

-Switching between Scott Kolins and Mark Brooks every so many pages is slightly odd, but not too disorienting.

-There's a four-page ad for the 616 Fantastic Four. This sort of ad is always annoying, but at least this one is logically placed.

-Correct me if I'm wrong, but Ultimate Diablo could probably kick 616 Diablo's arse. Or would, you know, if they met. Regular Diablo needs potions. Ultimate Diablo has a magical eye, a better costume, and disturbing control over the classical elements. Both versions are tied when it comes to the 'stache.

-If your group wears colorful costumes, have strange abilities and otherwise looks outlandish, disguise your operation as a traveling circus. It might work for a few minutes. Just don't expect to enjoy it:

Wonder Woman #6

-A super-hero theme park. In context, that's just odd. (Also, green popcorn looks unappetizing.)

-The Super Real characters could totally take Maxi-Man.

-How long, exactly, has Diana been participating in human society? Does she really not get turnstiles?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hulk and Power Pack

Some team-ups just seem completely natural, and Hulk and Power Pack is one of them. Assuming Banner sticks with transforming into the childlike savage Hulk, and not Mr. Fixit, anyway.

In this first issue, he does. Hulk and Power Pack #1 is a bright and inviting cartoon, and was especially appealing in an otherwise dark post-Civil War week. Power Pack battles loser villains while cracking all the required Hulk jokes and making it clear that, yes, they are kids. Smart kids, sure, but Jack in particular is obsessed with his hand-held video game, a running gag from beginning to end.

As for Bruce, he's in surprisingly good spirits. Why not? He's off to meet up with James Power, do some sciency things, and his super-powered colleagues aren't actively shooting him off into space. Live is pretty good, considering, but naturally the Hulk puts in an appearance too, and gets to smash a not-so-loser villain of his own.

The whole thing, being a kids' book, is fun and lacks in any real Hulk-related angst. Between that, and the bonus Mini Marvels story... If this ends up in Digest format, it'll make a great gift for one of my younger cousins.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Holy Low-Stakes Bet, Batman!

A while back, Kalinara and I were discussing Heroes over the world's most evil instant messaging service (AIM) and for some reason decided to make a bet on Zach's sexual orientation.

The Terms: Is Zach gay? I said he wasn't, Kalinara said he was.

The Stakes: The loser was to choose and review a book from the winner's pull list. The book was not be one that loser would normally pick up, and the review was to be at least 300 words in length. If Zach turned out to be bisexual, we would both lose. And we had an end-of-January deadline. I assumed that this meant January, 2007. (I'm flexible, though.)

The Outcome: The character was originally conceived to be gay. The network decided to make Zach straight, instead. We both won, but we also both lost, and in this case, losing seemed like more fun. Well, it did to me. Kalinara apparently agreed.

The Choice: I looked over Kalinara's pull list. (Hers is heavily weighted towards DC, mine towards Marvel. Not much overlap, which is helpful when it comes to stuff like this.) I'd already tried quite a few of the titles. A few others were coming out on January 31st, which really messes with the deadline, since I (originally) wanted to pick up a "fresh" comic for this exercise. That narrowed it down quite a bit. Seeing as how I'd never read a Batman comic (assuming that Catwoman doesn't count), Robin #158 seemed like a good bet. Well, it did until I read the solicits and realized that issue would be the second half of a two-issue story. But I stuck with the chosen title, and went with the first part of the story: Robin #157

Anyway... The Review:

I went into this knowing next to nothing about this or any Robin. Now I know that this particular Robin's name is Tim, and that he goes to high school. (I know he goes to high school because there’s a scene there during which he placates an angry girlfriend. He’s good at talking to girls. And keeping secrets. Guess that’s a DC thing.) Tim looks young for a high schooler, some how, but maybe that's more the art than anything. Or maybe Tim is just gifted (with more than the ladies) and talented. That would make sense. Why a gifted and talented youth would feel the need to rescue a cat from a tree, I don't know, but it makes for a fun story. This cat is a big orange furball with a lot of attitude and a big Cheshire grin. His scene with Alfred is priceless; clearly the good butler is not a fan of animals. Non-bat animals, anyway. (Where's Selina Kyle when you need her, huh? Or Holly or whoever?)

Right. The initial mission, being kind of lame (and Robin does acknowledge that it's kind of lame, though not in those exact words), explodes into something a great deal bigger. The mysterious cat leads Robin to dead pushers, disturbingly huge footprints, and various other damage, all of which suggests that there is a large, dangerous creature loose in Gotham City. (How often does Gotham have to deal with stuff like that?)

Naturally, a big fight ensues. Robin versus an angry dragon, and Robin is the underdog. This being a two-part story, a lizard remains at large, and a character I know even less about than Robin appears. Kid with blue skin, pointy ears, horns and way too much eye makeup. Goes by the name of Klarion, according to the cover. (What is it about guest stars showing up on the last page?)

Yeah, it’s a fun comic, and while I probably won’t continue to read the title (if only because my pull list needs trimming), I will at least be reading one more issue.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Thirty Second Recap Contest

I can't draw for beans, and I really don't have the patience to learn, which didn't stop me from attempting to recap a story arc from Ultimate Fantastic Four. In nine (9) panels. For Chris Sims' 2007 Thirty Second Recap Contest.

And I had to do this tonight, or I'd never do it. Happy New Year!

(Medium: MSPaint -- Crayon box of the digital age. Fonts: Centaur and Pop.)