Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thoughts on 18 April, 2007

Only four titles this week, taking place in three universes.

-Cityscapes and landscapes, 'scapes with both land and city... They are all beautiful in this book.

-Something that is better than caffeine: The sudden manifestation of flight capabilities.

-Paul's visit with his son is heartwarming without being sappy, probably because it's also hilarious.

-Actually, the whole book is funny, in an honest, non-snarky way.

-Batman probably does have a Bat Snowblower back in the Batcave. Right next to the Bat Lawn Tractor and the Bat Weed Wacker.

-Acting to save Lobo's life isn't enough to buy his services. Wow. Now that's being a jerk.

-What can I say? Wanted to finish reading this arc, whether or not I read the next one. Also, the cover is sweet.

-Wonder Woman in a Hummer is a good example of good driving evil.

Mighty Avengers #2

-Why does Jan ever have dragonfly wings? I don't understand.

-Bizarre three-way battle. A villain who is sometimes kind of sympathetic versus a twisted villain who is never sympathetic versus a group of heroes who may all be insane... (Should I be rooting for Mole Man here?) Wow.


SallyP said...

Brave & the Bold just keeps getting better AND funnier with each issue. I love how Jaime keeps calling Batman "sir".

And Manhunter isn't cancelled! Wonder Woman is so much better here than in her own comic.

Canton said...

I love how Batman is so clearly amused by it. Jaime is hilarious. And he's just as good in Brave & the Bold as in his own title.

It's great that Manhunter isn't cancelled. Maybe I will pick it up when it starts again, but I do need to go back and read the trades so I can understand those sideplots that don't seem to involve Kate.

Anonymous said...

This is Skipper Martin, creator / writer for "Bizarre New World." Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the shout out and kind words about the book. Looks like you enjoyed it, and I hope to read your thoughts on how the three issue series wraps up. I love reading comments from actual readers like yourself. Reviewers are great of course, but when someone decides to pick up a book because they want to for their own personal reasons, that opinion I take special note of. Knowing that someone like you enjoyed it is especially sweet news, and yes brings a smile to my face.

Thanks for taking a look at the book, and being so kind as to tell others you enjoyed it. Makes all the hard work worth it.

Take care.

Skipper Martin

Canton said...

'Welcome. It was something my LCS recommended, actually! Not that I take all (or even most) recommendations, but... you know. :)

I am looking forward to the rest of the story, especially given that cliffhanger!

Skipper Martin said...

Please let me know your thoughts on the rest of the series! Which store do you go to? Thanks again for the shout out!

Skipper Martin

Canton said...

I go to Clem's Collectibles of Lansing. :)