Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thoughts on 11 April, 2007

This week, I read seven titles in about four universes. Or maybe five. I'm not sure about Spider-Man/Fantastic Four. Usual warning about spoilers applies.

-Goofy stand-alone issue involving a scantily-clad Caitlin and dinosaurs. The cover does not lie.

-Caitlin: 1, Smilodon: 0. There's no way raw saber-toothed tiger pelt is sanitary, but if you're stuck in a tropical setting and your current outfit is too warm, you make do, I guess... oO

-I'm not a big fan of game ranches, so the ending made me happy.

-Speaking of happy yet grim endings, Evil Nature-Battling Wetland Hating People: 0, Man-Thing: 1. Yes!

-There is not much to say about Loners. It turns out that I really don't care about any of these people save Julie Power, if only she weren't all (sort of) grown up and Blonde. She's like Susan Pevensie or something.

-Native American shaman. Vision quest complete with a feather, a campfire, and a hawk. Casino. There are so many ways this set-up could have gone wrong, or maybe it does, but at least Emmett Proudhawk is all mysterious in more ways than one.

-The government is awfully quick to dispatch nuclear weapons at newly-minted superhero types. So if you ever develop superpowers, be sure to build a really good bunker before you do anything else.

-Line that annoys me now because I feel like I see it everywhere: "Way ahead of you." It's not just Dan Slott, but it does occur twice in this issue. Egad, stop it! Seriously. It's right up there with "Go limp..." *sigh*

-For some reason I thought Jen had standards. Where did they go? *double sigh*

-I want to hear Rick Jones' "Hulkbusters" song.

-Mal actually defends people she believes are bad and/or evil [insert expletive noun here]. Good grief. As of last issue I was actually feeling some sympathy for the woman. Not so much anymore. Great bar scene, though.

-Impossible Man can be fun in small doses. Overdoses have side-effects of annoying. Which is probably the point. Actually, he kind of reminds me of Jim Carrey. You know. Guy with an extremely flexible face who is much easier to take in slightly serious roles.

-Very nice prank on Ben's part. Not to be performed on somebody who can't fly, though.

Wonder Woman #7

-Well, that was an angsty yet anti-climactic rescue.

-Does Nemesis actually get treated for fleas, or is the bottle just sitting there?

-I like the Villains and Vixens Bar concept. Especially in contrast with "The Bar With No Name" (see She-Hulk #17). Not sure which is better. The bar with loser villains or the bar with losers who want to be villains?

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