Friday, September 22, 2006

On Meeting the Artist

So, it's official. I am slacking off on this little blog. Four weeks worth of comics to "review," and next Wednesday feels like it's coming up fast. *sigh* I'll eventually get to it. No really. I will. Some day.

You know what's also official? That I am terribly awkward, that's what. See, my LCS had an Artist Showcase this past Wednesday. Three professionals were there, as well as some local students, and I'd heard of none of these people when the Showcase was first announced. But Guy Davis, at least, was the penciller and inker of Unstable Molecules, and I dig the Fantastic Four, so... I went ahead and bought the book (which I would have picked up eventually, anyway), with the intention of reading it and getting it signed. And I did, and that's nifty. And it was fun meeting a professional comic book artist for the first time. Guy Davis is very polite and easy-going, and well... nice. Awfully bland word, I know, but it works here. Nice. As far as I could tell, anyway, based on a few long minutes of trying to find a way to converse and utterly failing at it. It's awkward, you know, standing there looking at pictures (and Mr. Davis' drawings are fun to look at), and having nothing of substance to say. I'm sure it's kind of awkward for the artist, too, but I almost hope he's used to it; that would mean I'm not alone.

What do you say to a comic book artist when you meet them...?


Ragnell said...

You ask him if he's ever met an artist you like more. :)

Hehhe. Actually, I tend to ask them for autographs and to sketch neat stuff int he autograph book. I got Darick Robertson to draw a two-headed cat for my sister.

Tomas said...

I belive "Would you draw me a naked Wonder Woman?" is the standard opening phrase.

Canton said...

Ragnell: You're braver than I am. Thanks for the suggestions. Next time will be better, if there is a next time.

Tomas: What, not naked Batman? ;)