Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Heroes -- A Quick Look at Eden

So, like every other good little American comic book geek, I have been watching NBC's Heroes. And there's one character I truly hope to see more of in the weeks to come. Besides Hiro, I mean. (Does anybody not want to see more Hiro? Should Hiro eventually get his own spin-off series, all in Japanese, with subtitles? Okay, maybe that's pushing it.)

No, the character I'm intrigued by at the moment is an unknown quantity: Eden McCain. Eden may not have special powers, but she is the real connection between Mohinder and his father's knowledge. The book, the map, and the algorithm all need interpretation, and Eden could still be the key to that. Forget the cheerleader, let's figure out what did Chandra Suresh knew. It's not just knowledge, though. Through Eden, Mohinder could potentially come to know, on a more personal level, an estranged loved one.

Let's see. What else can Eden do? Well, she helps make Mohinder feel more at home in a foreign country. That's huge. She encourages him to keep searching for answers without losing his capacity for skepticism. She makes him comfort food... Okay, okay, so Eden is a catalyst who has had, as yet, little opportunity to kick butt or anything. We don't really know who she is, or what she does for a living. She's a mystery. And I'm more than okay with that because, right now, Eden McCain is a potential Sue to Mohinder's Reed. Maybe she is already. She could be the most powerful woman on Heroes.

Or she could be cannon fodder. Who knows? I'll try not to get too attached.

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Bobcat2022 said...

"She could be the most powerful woman on Heroes"

Scratch that, most powerful anyone on Heroes. You have every right to be feeling extremely smart about this post after last night's episode and the subsequently published online comic (which was directly ripped off from Brian Wood's DEMO, but whatever. If you're digging Heroes, get the DEMO TPB, you will love it).

And yeah, Hiro needs his own show.