Tuesday, February 07, 2006

On 1 February, 2006...


FANTASTIC FOUR #534: The Incredible Hulk versus... his own insanity (as usual). And The Thing and the Human Torch. But they're sort of secondary here; right now, it's all about the Hulk. Not a bad story, all in all, but I'm really wondering what's going on with the other half of the Four. The married half. And their child custody issues. Maybe next ish.

[Read Wednesday, February 1st, cloistered in bedroom, late in the evening after watching a performance of The Lion King. The musical, not the movie. As in, on stage. It was pretty cool.]

DOC SAMSON #2: So a living, sentient totem pole is teamed up with Doc Samson ('natch), a female tech geek, and Dr. Strange's apprentice (a sorcerer-in-training who, in the world of J. K. Rowling, might have been sorted into Hufflepuff and kicked out within a year.) to fight against a cult. Fun. Worth a reread or two once I have the whole mini-series to read straight through.

[Read cloistered in bedroom, listening to... the Serenity soundtrack, maybe? I really should write these things down...]


NEW EXCALIBUR #4: Okay, I'll admit I wouldn't have picked this one up if it weren't for the fact that my favorite Marvel heroine has a cameo. And now I'm wondering if she shows up in any of the first three issues.

Eh. Anyway, that aside, this is probably the first non-Decimation X-book I've ever read. Strange, how I've been avoiding the comics that correspond to cartoons I used to watch on an irregular basis as a child. X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman... Don't know what that's about. This may also be the last non-Decimation X-book I read, too. I am not hooked. This was fun and all, but I can only handle so many subplots at a time. And this had, what, half a dozen? I wasn't counting. Not back-issue hunting on this one. Maybe, maybe, I'll look into the trade, but for now, I can do without. Only reread worthy for the purposes of subplot counting, or maybe in the context of a trade, if it gets published that way.

Highlight of the issue: Cheesed of Kelsey Leigh take on Captain Britain. Can't really blame her. What ever became of her children, anyway?

[Read after work Tuesday the 7th, in cube, to Riverdance.]

THE EXTERMINATORS #2: New revelations about Draxx, the company that makes Draxx, Henry James, AJ, and the scientist guy whose name I can't remember. I read through this fairly quickly, mostly because I was trying to eat lunch, and really, this book is very graphic on all levels. And by graphic, I mean... disgusting. The story is great, but it's probably best on an empty stomach. Needless to say, I didn't spend time on the imagery. Worth a reread, eventually, in the context of the inevitable trade.

[Read Tuesday the 7th, in cube before work, whilst eating Chinese food.]

Always remember...

I didn't want to have a relapse, but, well, Tommy here was really begging for it.

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