Monday, February 13, 2006

On 8 February, 2006...


MARVEL KNIGHTS 4 #27: Note to self. Never drink the tea of sorcerers. Unless, of course, it's a life or death situation. But really. Stick with the Tazo.

This was a fun story, worth a reread on Halloween. Or Day of the Dead, maybe.

[First read Wednesday. First half after work, in cube; second half cloistered in bedroom. No music.]


SON OF M #3: Wow. Pietro really does take after his dad, doesn't he? And not in a good way. Great cliffhanger. The time-travel theme is really confusing here, though, and, really, the TVA could have a field day with it. That... I would love to see. Worth a reread or two once the mini is completed.

[First read Wednesday evening, cloistered in bedroom, fighting a migraine. No music.]

X-MEN: THE 198 #2: Damn. It was great to see the mutant Spider-Man saved back in SON OF M #1. He (the mutant) seemed so... tragic and sympathetic. And this X-MEN issue establishes that he's recovered. But he's not all that innocent, either. Or maybe he is and the abdominal entity isn't. I don't know. Still. Creepy. Worth a reread when the mini is completed.

[First read Wednesday evening, cloistered in bedroom, fighting a migraine. No music.]

I (HEART) MARVEL: WEB OF ROMANCE #1: Yes. I am female, and I bought a romance comic. It's not like I'm into Rogue and Gambit or anything.

Dragon Man makes an appearance, Tony Stark likes Cheez-Its so much that Jarvis has to hide them, and Mary Jane gets web shooters for Valentine's Day (a perfect resolution for Spider Man's "What to get MJ for Valentine's Day" problem). And Johnny Storm gets Punk'd. Awesome. Worth rereads for many Februaries to come.

[First read Wednesday the 8th, in cube, during work break. Riverdance.]

Dollar bin

FAR FROM SAINTS: Published November, 2002; story by Myatt Murphy; art by Scott Dalrymple; letters by Comicraft's Jason Levine; colors (on the cover, I assume) by Tanya and Richard Horie. One-shot special.

Dorian, a down-and-out man driving in the middle of nowhere finds a copy shop. And it's a bad location for a copy shop. Curious, he enters, and is taken in by an eclectic group of people charged with extending the life of the human race by preventing (or at least postponing) the apocalypse. And Dorian's the new guy.

This is a cool black-and-white indie comic, and eventually I hope to read the other titles Second to Some Studios has to offer.

[First read before French class, Thursday. No music.]

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