Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Connectivity Game -- Theme Songs

I started a character theme song thread at my comic shop's forum a while back, and while it didn't get very far, I've been wanting to continue the game on my own. I'll only be using my own connections from that thread, nobody else's. And while I might eventually reprise the analyses of the Bon Jovi songs (in more detail), I figured I'd start with something new.

Character: Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Human Torch)
Theme song: "I Know My Love."
Traditional Arr. by Paddy Moloney, performed by The Chieftains in a team-up with The Corrs, on Chieftains albums Tears of Stone (RCA 1999) and The Wide World Over (RCA 2002).


I know my love by his way of walking
And I know my love by his way of talking
And I know my love dressed in a suit of blue
And if my love leaves me, what will I do?

While this is certainly Johnny's theme song, you have to take it from the point of view of one of his (former) girlfriends. Which one? I have no idea. Odds are there's at least one that fits the bill, though.

From Fantastic Four #526.

And the FF uniform is, of course, blue. It fits. (By the way, that panel? It's the recap of a dream. Who's the leafy-haired woman in the bottom right corner, anyway? Just curious.)

And still she cried, "I love him the best,
And a troubled mind, sure can know no rest"
And still she cried, "Bonny boys are few,
And if my love leaves me, what will I do?"

I feel kinda sorry for the main character of this song.

There is a dance house in Maradyke
And there my true love goes every night
He takes a strange girl upon his knee
Well now don't you think that that vexes me?

Of course, the setting isn't right,...

If my love knew I can wash and wring
If my love knew I can sew and spin
I'd make a coat of the finest kind
But the want of money sure leaves me behind

...and the lyrics are a bit old-fashioned (though the fiber arts aren't exactly dying),...

I know my love is an errant rover
I know he'll wander the wild world over
In dear old Ireland he'll no longer tarry
An American girl he's sure to marry

...but this last verse is where it really clicks into place. The Irish setting notwithstanding, Johnny Storm is most definitely an unpredictable wandering type, and he has traveled the wild world over. Not to mention the universe. As for marriage?

From Fantastic Four #300.

Um... Okay, close enough.

Runner-Up: "Help Me" by Joni Mitchell, with lyrics along the same vein and fire imagery in the second verse. Not nearly as fun and upbeat, though.

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