Monday, March 06, 2006

On 1 March, 2006

Unfortunately, the shop didn't have any copies of ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #2 on the shelves. (Sorry, Cole.) I'll ask after it this week, if I remember. Putting off the dollar-bin blurbs as well. So this'll be a short post.

--Warning: Possible Spoilers--


THE AMERICAN WAY #1 (of 8) was maybe just a little heavy. Just a little. Hmm...


This week in the Marvel universe, MS. MARVEL #1 proved to be a fast, fun read. Between Carol's major insecurities as a B-list character (Stilt-man didn't remember her name! Stilt-man! Wait, isn't that a good thing...?) and her cell-phone conversation with Captain America, there is a lot of potential for comical goodness here.

There was no weird, supernatural occult stuff in DOC SAMSON #3. No mysticism, no living totem poles or bumbling sorcerer's apprentices. This was just a nice, straightforward superhero psychiatry tale, complete with a normal (sort of) mystery, physical combat, and the sort of witty banter you expect from this sort of thing. And the story didn't even require the coda of an informative essay.

Notes and Rankings (Best to Worst)

*First read Wednesday evening, in my bedroom, listening to Nicholas Gunn's Return to Grand Canyon.

1. DOC SAMSON #3 (OF 5)
2. MS. MARVEL #1

Panel(s) of the Week: Little kids playing superhero in MS. MARVEL #1 and being... well, cute little kids. Corny, yet memorable.


Mr. Blonde said...

Awe nuts! I missed Ms. Marvel #1... I've been reading New Avengers since the Disassembled storyline and was really looking forward to this book and missed it... I have a HUGE pull list that I have to revise soon. You seem to have good taste in comic books btw.

Canton said...

Heh. I haven't been reading New Avengers at all. Go figure.

And... thank you. :)