Monday, April 10, 2006

Drawing Some Battle Lines.

Marvel's Civil War will be the first comic book "event" I will ever read as it comes out. And I am as a child here, too inexperienced to be cynical about it so, you know, I'm actually kind of excited. (Please, don't burst the bubble. It's not nice.) But holy geez, the Civil War Checklist. I realized it spans ten months, and the tie-ins shouldn't be essential parts of the story, but still, it's one heckuva list. I don't plan on reading all of the tie-ins. That would be, well... silly.

So, let's see. What am I signed up for? Well, CIVIL WAR, of course. And FRONT LINE. FANTASTIC FOUR, naturally, which I'd be reading anyway. SHE-HULK, ditto, and I recently added MS. MARVEL to my regular pulls. (Good female solo titles need all the help they can get, right?) Might pick up Spidey, since I've been enjoying that lately. And I'll probably check out YOUNG AVENGERS & RUNAWAYS because of the latter team. Those are wait-and-sees, though, as are H4H and the DAILY BUGLE.

If a favorite character has a cameo or guest appearance in one of the others, exceptions can be made, but it's time to draw the battle lines now, before May. These are mine. Where are you drawing yours?

Battle Lines

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