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On 12 April, 2006

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--Warning: Possible spoilers ahead--


I figured AMAZING ADVENTURES OF THE JLA would be a better introduction to the JLA than my first attempt. It was. "Revelations," the first story, was probably the best one. Aquaman is less of a prick than Namor, though not by much. (Yes, I will make comparisons. It's how I learn.) Wonder Woman is a little boring. A little too perfect. But the interaction between the characters? That was great. "Secret Files" would have been more informative had they printed different text on each page. Oh well. "Stardust Memories" was a nifty little cosmic adventure. Apparently Green Lantern in small doses is okay.

I still can't believe I'm reading Superman stories. And enjoying them. The fact that I set out to read non-mainstream comics and am now reading what amounts to the head of the main stream is just odd. Go figure.

But, wow, I actually followed SUPERMAN #650. Depowered Superman, the birth of a violent green monster (Where have I seen that before? Hmm...), the appearance of Supergirl to take him down, the sheer humanity of Clark Kent, Lois Lane who seems to be every bit as awesome as everybody says she is... This was a good story, and I didn't need extensive knowledge of the DC multiverse to read it.

Reread ACTION COMICS #837, and moved on to SUPERMAN #651. Now I get it. Marvel has gamma radiation, and DC has kryptonite. Radioactive, green and deadly.

My pull list is growing, which is... dangerous. To say the least. Wait for the trade?

Yeah. For this arc, I'll wait for the trade.


FANTASTIC FOUR: FIRST FAMILY #2 is very cool. A modern-day take on silver-age stories. Not really a retelling of the FF's first adventure so much as what happened behind the scenes. Add to that a freakish, deluded new adversary and, well... What's not to love?

One ubernerd, one undercover agent, one convict, two psychos, a lot of awkward fourth-wall breakage, clever meta-commentary and plenty of twisted humor. That's MARVEL ROMANCE REDUX: RESTRAINING ORDERS ARE FOR OTHER GIRLS #3 in a nutshell. It's hilarious. I'm planning on picking up the rest of this series, but I'm also hoping Marvel collects these stories in a trade, and prints them along with the original stories, which I'm sure are funny in their own unintentional way.

MS. MARVEL #2 is one big, long fight with various aliens. The plot did move forward, and humor and witty banter was involved. It seems Carol Danvers has no problem killing sentient beings. Must be all that military training...

SON OF M #5 and X-MEN: THE 198 #4 are the penultimate chapters of their respective Decimation mini-series. As it is, I don't have much to say about them apart from the fact that they both involve some incredibly creepy people. SON OF M has Luna, complete with glowing eyes and an apparent addiction to the Terrigen mists, and her father, Quicksilver, who's just a creep. X-MEN: THE 198, Absolom (who is too powerful for anybody's good), and Johnny D. with his living voodoo dolls. Creepy.

Week's most memorable moments: Random panels from MARVEL ROMANCE REDUX. Story: "My Magical Centaur" (formerly "A Teenager Can Also Love")

Tentative checklist for 19 April, 2006

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