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On 1 June, 2006

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--Warning: Spoilers ahead--


Doll & Creature #3: Well, this is getting political. The bad guys behind the Hydes are Gops, well-dressed gents sporting ties and attache cases marked WWJD? Their leader is The Gipper (a guy with a Reagan mask bonded to his face.)

So, yeah. Kinda political. But that means it also got good, because what is this comic besides the weirdest social commentary I've ever read? The third issue just elevated it to the next logical level. Oh, and Doll and Creature are now a team, not just two characters who, you know, met up during an incredibly gory fight in the first issue.

Do I Know What I Just Read? Yes.
Do I Care? Yes.


All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #5: Howard the Duck gets a three-page entry. So does HYDRA, but Howard is arguably more important. That's really all you need to know, isn't it? If not, well, Gravity has an entry, too.

Do I Know What I Just Read? It's a handbook. What's to know?
Do I Care? Yep.

Amazing Spider-Man #532 is pretty much just a talking head issue. Not very exciting. Peter has a talk with Tony Stark and a heart-to-heart with MJ and Aunt May. All of this is about the Superhuman Registration Act, naturally. What side is Spider-Man on? Not sure, but we may find out next issue. I guess none of this was anything particularly shocking or unexpected. Ah well. I'm still on board, because... er... well, I just am. (If you hadn't guessed, I'm not all about the biff and the pow.)

Do I Know What I Just Read? Yes.
Do I Care? Kinda.

Runaways #16: Highlights? Gert's angst, and... what the heck is going on with Karolina Dean? Wow. Oh, and "Pixies, find the leak!"

Do I Know What I Just Read? Yes.
DO I Care? Yes. Just not overly inspired to write about it.

A reunion, some depowerings (good ones, this time), and a declaration of war make Son of M #6 not so much the end of a story as the beginning of a new one. See, the U.S. Government has confiscated the Terrigen Mists, and the Inhumans are cheesed off. Luna will, hopefully, recover from her Terrigen exposure, but it doesn't look like Pietro will. Is he going to take over his dad's role as a mutant supervillain? That could be interesting.

He's certainly insane enough.

Do I Know What I Just Read? Yes.
Do I Care? Not enough to pick up any spin-offs.

The Thing #7: Second to last issue, and Dan Slott has fun with time travel. See this? It makes even more sense now than it did! It's... well, perfect. (It also turns out that Hercules, apart from being slightly less chauvinistic, remains basically unchanged from 130 B.C.)

This book manages to be a very cool balance between super-hero battles and sweet family moments. Definitely worth picking up.

Do I Know What I Just Read? Yes.
Do I Care? Yes.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #30: So it turns out, due to an alien infection from the N-Zone, Johnny Storm has but days to live. And his last hope is Dr. Doom. Also, the Zombie Four are on the verge of escape.

Yikes. It's nice to see things looking up for Ultimate Ben, anyway, what with Alicia and all. *sigh* I really want to like this book as much as I did when Warren Ellis was writing it, and Greg Land wasn't drawing it.

Do I Know What I Just Read? Yes.
Do I Care? I'm starting not to.

Week's most memorable moments: Thing #7 was full of them, but it really came to this "Heh" moment...

...and this "Awww" moment.

Hrm... Yeah, definitely a tie.

Tentative checklist for 7 June, 2006
Archenemies #3
Civil War: Front Line #1
Fantastic Four: First Family #4
Wonder Woman #1

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