Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rally Time

I work in Lansing. Specifically, I work in what I would call the "Government District" of downtown Lansing. I'm pretty sure that's not an official term, but it's accurate inasmuch as my workplace is within easy walking distance of the state capitol.

This is demonstration season. It seems like there's a protest or rally every other day on and in front of the capitol steps. Today's was in support of legislation that would repeal Michigan's helmet law (Read all about it), and it was comprised of the largest gathering of bikers I have ever seen. Not that I've seen many, mind, but still, there were a lot of burly biker guys there reinforcing that black leather-clad, scruffy-bearded, tattoo-sporting bandanna-wearing stereotype. It was quite a crowd, in front of the capitol. And there were bikes parked clear around the block, and beyond. It was really something else.

While I have no definite opinion on the helmet law (though I do believe that helmet-wearing is a good idea, whatever kind of bike you're riding, and can't imagine why anyone would voluntarily choose not to wear a helmet), the sight of the political biker rally really made my Wednesday. Well, the first day of Photoshop class and the new comics helped, too...

Anyway, in honor of said event, here's the cover of Ghost Rider #50, courtesy of The Grand Comics Database Project.

Remember, Ghost Rider is exempt from helmet-wearing because he isn't mortal, and a helmet probably wouldn't survive his blazing skull in any case.

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