Thursday, January 01, 2009

Reading Twilight into the New Year

Reading notes for Chapter 10 ("Interrogations") of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight:
  • It is a foggy morning.
  • Edward gives Bella a ride to school.
    • Overprotective, much?
  • She likes his smell.
    • They are compatible in an olfactory way.
  • Vampires like fast cars.
  • Yes, everybody stare at Bella and her beau.
  • Jessica grills Bella about Edward.
    • They continue to be boy obsessed for two class periods.
  • Vampires can eat solid food.
    • Like people can eat dirt.
    • So can vampires get pica?
  • Edward wants to know everything Bella thinks.
    • And would like to censor her thoughts, if only he could...?
  • All the guys at Forks High want Bella?
    • Really?
    • Why, for gods' sakes???
  • Bella and Edward have a long lunchroom conversation.
  • Vampires like to eat mountain lions.
    • And bears.
    • (And presumably tigers.)
    • Oh my.

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