Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Forget resolutions. I need a theme song for 2009. Something to live by. Something that makes me happy.

I think it will be "Steer" by Missy Higgins.

My heart can be fierce. Yes it can!


If I'm not careful, this will start to sound like a New Year's resolution, so I'll stop now.

Bring on 2009!


Kello said...

Hey there Canton, just wanted to tell you I like your blog. It's nice to see someone from the Lansing area who likes good comics.

Everyone is so down on resolutions nowadays, why is that? I say it's fun to set goals for the new year, all along knowing you'll never complete them.

Canton said...

Hey Kello. Thanks. You now have me wondering if I've seen you at my LCS. :)

There's nothing really wrong with making resolutions, but I have enough goals I'm not meeting as it is. What I really need is motivation. And you can't break a good song.

Kello said...

I've been frequenting 21st Century comics, but my absolute favorite place to go is Clem's (I was once quite obsessed with the dollar back issues). I just never trust my car to make the trip downtown.

Canton said...

Clems! It's convenient to campus and to my workplace, so... that's my LCS. (It's also sort of to blame for this addiction in the first place. Because I was curious to walk in not too long after it opened on Washington Square.)