Friday, January 02, 2009

Reading Twilight

Reading notes for Chapter 11 ("Complications") of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight:
  • Ooh, movie day in science class
    • What high schooler doesn't like that?
    • But of course Bella can't focus on it.
    • Duh, Edward's right there.
    • Ohh, Edward, with his perfect face.
    • Zot, zot.
  • Next class.
  • Bella cannot bear to part with Edward!
  • Aww, Mike's all chivalrous in Gym.
    • Poor Mike.
    • Great guy with no taste in girls.
    • But he's perceptive.
    • He knows Edward wants to eat Bella.
    • Probably doesn't know that Edward literally wants to eat Bella.
    • (We the readers do!)
    • But Bella could probably figure that one out.
    • Listen to Mike, Bella!
    • You idiot.
  • Driving with Edward, blah, blah, blah.
  • Hunting with vampires is dangerous for humans.
  • More electricity. Zot, zot.
  • Dreams of Edward.
  • Chat with Charlie.
    • Yes, Bella, Charlie might take issue with your possible necrophilia.
    • Not that it matters, 'cause adults are useless.
  • Bella's favorite color of the day is brown.
    • Because it's warm.
    • It's also the color of...
    • Nevermind.
    • She doesn't say it, I just think it.
  • Edward is such a stalker.
  • Oh, come on Bella, how hard is badminton?
    • For a more-or-less able-bodied idiot, I mean?
  • Exit Edward (finally).
  • Enter Jacob the Complication.

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