Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Janet Lives!

So Marvel recently killed 616!Wasp. It wasn't exactly what you'd call an heroic death. I'm still hoping that I connected the dots correctly, and that Jan'll be back with a new mantle (Hank has her old one, right?) and new explosive powers and... At any rate, I'm disappointed, but what can you do, right?

And even more recently, Marvel offed Ultimate!Jan in the pages of Ultimatum. This (which you'd be wise not to click, but you will anyway) is just wrong. Count the levels! (Thanks to Kalinara for that link, by the way.)

Now, I can't get up in arms about this sort of thing. I've tried. Seriously. A fictional character, one I rather care about, has been stuffed into a miniature Maytag (twice!) and all I can think is that, well, at least she's alive and well in the Marvel Adventures Universe. Which is the Marvelverse that really ought to Count. From here on in, I'll call it the "Yayverse."

See? Yay!Jan is defending Earth against alien invaders in Marvel Adventures the Avengers #26. As Giant Girl, not Wasp, but still.

And she's having a casual lunch with Yay!Ororo in Marvel Adventures The Avengers #30. This issue also introduces Yay!Tigra, and she's treated well. It's awesome.

We even get to see prepowered Yay!Jan in Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #6. Her primary role is to cheer up Yay!Hank.

Yay!Hank needs a lot of cheering up, and that's because he's him. It's not just because of this guy:

Yes! It's Yay!Psycho Man.

Don't get me wrong. Marvel 616 can be a whole lot of fun, and Ultimate Marvel... Well, Ultimate Fantastic Four is an important title to me, and it's better right now than it has been in a long while. It's just that Yayverse titles are the ones I consistently look forward to reading. They are also the ones that consistently deliver fun. And they don't have to kill heroes (or villains) to do it.

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