Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reading Twilight

Reading notes for Chapter 8 ("Port Angeles") of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight:
  • High school girls apparently talk about boys to the exclusion of all else.
    • And there is drama.
    • Boy-related drama.
  • Mundane details aplenty.
  • So... Let's talk about Cullens!
    • The Cullens "go backpacking all the time".
    • The mystery deepens.
  • No, Bella, the new age bookstore is the one you want. Idiot.
  • (Can't go wrong with a new age bookstore in urban fantasy, right?)
  • A silver Volvo in Port Angeles! Oh noes!
  • A scary group of strong men following Bella! Oh noes!
  • More scary guys. Triple oh noes!
  • Edward swoops in to the rescue!
  • Edward fears his temper.
  • Edward takes Bella to dinner.
  • At an Italian restaurant.
    • So I guess garlic isn't an issue.
  • Ohh, Edward, you really shouldn't dazzle people so.
  • Ohh, Edward, you are so muscular.
  • Bella is a "magnet for trouble".
    • Duh.
    • Meyer has to spell out everything in simple terms.
    • That's kind of insulting.
  • Edward's stalking Bella, but that's totally okay with her.
  • He's mentally stalking her, even.
  • Creepy.
  • Edward is emo.
  • Creepy and emo.
  • Dangerous, creepy and emo.
    • Don't leave me alone, Bella, or I will kill someone.
    • If you don't leave me alone, I may kill you.
    • Decisions, decisions.
  • After (Bella eats) dinner, they go back to the Volvo, and that's it for Chapter 8.

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