Sunday, December 14, 2008

Reading Twilight

Reading notes for Chapter 6 ("Scary Stories") of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight:
  • Yes, Forks students, by all means tease Bella about the fainting spell.
  • Ohh, Edward, where are you?
  • Bella has an enemy. A blonde enemy.
  • Time to go to the beach! And it's sunny!
    • Pretty beach.
  • Mike is a nice boy, Bella, you idiot.
  • Dare you defy Edward and brave the tide pools???
    • Sure. Better than braving evil blonde Lauren.
  • Geez. I'm not exactly graceful, but even I don't fall all the damned time.
    • Not even in the woods.
    • Maybe Bella has an undiagnosed neurological condition.
    • That would explain some things.
  • Native Americans join the party!
  • Another boy, Jacob, notices Bella.
  • That makes... Five now?
  • Well, five that are named.
  • Jacob is pretty.
    • And he's a mechanic.
    • And he's a story-teller.
    • A good one.
  • Bella gets a scary vampire story.
    • It's clearly an important plot point.
  • And she gets a new friend.
  • It starts to rain just in time for the beach party to leave.

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