Monday, December 08, 2008

Still reading Twilight...

The second chapter ("Open Book") of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, is about as slow as the first. Hopefully things will pick up a bit, but right now this is decompressed storytelling in novel form. And this is what I've learned:
  • Mike and Eric are totally sweet on Bella.
  • Bella remembers people now!
  • Edward is not in school.
  • Bella is worried.
  • Bella's parents are useless.
  • Bella's already studied this stuff.
  • So school is kinda useless, too.
  • Also, she can't play volleyball.
    • Neither can I, so I guess I sympathize.
  • Dad likes the Cullens. He gets vocal about that.
  • I don't think snow works like that.
    • Not when it's warm enough for rain as well.
    • How would enough accumulate in the space of a high school class period?
    • Well, maybe Washington snow is different than Michigan snow.
    • Whatever. I'm not a climatologist. Moving on.
  • Edward comes back to school.
  • Bella is worried.
  • Ooh, Edward is flawlessly beautiful.
  • With a musical voice.
  • And golden eyes.
  • And his touch is electric.
  • OMG.
  • And he's smart, too!
  • But strangely tense sometimes.
  • Also, adults are useless.
  • Annnd... Previous question answered: FlakeMom remarried, so Bella moved to Forks so FlakeMom could spend more time with Stepdad.
  • Martyr.
Please, by the gods of urban fantasy, let there be villains or werewolves or something in Chapter 3.

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