Friday, December 12, 2008

Reading Twilight

Reading notes for Chapter 4 ("Invitations") of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight:
  • Dream of Edward.
  • Bella's not used to being the center of attention by now?
  • That's it, Tyler. Grovel. Good boy.
  • Edward's being all weird again.
  • School dance? Oh noes!
    • Bella can't dance!
    • So she'll... go to Seattle.
    • Excuses, excuses.
  • Make up your gorram mind, Edward.
  • Bella drops her books.
  • Edward picks them up for her.
  • Bella drops her keys.
  • Edward picks them up for her.
  • Bella falls down a lot in Gym.
  • Tyler asks Bella to the dance.
    • So does Eric. And Mike.
    • Gawd.
  • You're right, Bella. You're not interesting.
    • But this is the "Twilight Zone".
    • Apologies to Rod Serling.
  • Fretful sheriff.
  • We know where his daughter gets it.
  • Or maybe he's wise.
  • But probably not. Parents are useless.
  • And Charlie seems a little slow. Idiocy runs in families?
  • Don't do it Bella.
  • Don't say "yes".
  • Don't open that door.
  • Bella, you idiot.

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